Heartland has state-of-the art SMT machines. We have highly automated lines for high production applications and pick and place machines for small productions and prototype jobs. We have BGA capability, and can place components as small as an 0201 package size. We are capable of tackling your most complex circuit board assembly needs, and lead free processes. 

 List of Equipment:

  • DEK Horizon 03i - Screen Printer
  • MPM-SPEEDLINE Ultra-print Automatic Screen Printer.
  • Siemens F-5 - Complex component placer - 15k c.p.h
  • Siemens S-25 - High speed placer - 30k c.p.h
  • Siemens F-4 - Complex component placer - 11k c.p.h
  • Siemens S-20 - High Speed Placer 25k c.p.h.
  • Tescon 501 (2) - Pick and Place - 10k c.p.h
  • BTU International - VIP98A convection re-flow oven
  • VITRONICS-SOLTEC - Unitherm 820A convection oven re-flow
  • VJ Technologies - 3D X-RAY System
  • Prototype to production capability and flexibility
  • Certified Siemens trained technical staff